Sexual act between man and woman is the most sin.


God thinks that it is the most disgusting sin,

in fact, if you do that,

he will move away from you and Satans rule you immediately.


The relation between God and a man had been it between master and servant

in the period of the Old Testament.

Since Jesus had risen the highest level as same as the Child of the Trinity,

it between God and him had been it between a parent and a child

in the period of the New Testament for about 2,000 years.


By RAPT being chosen as the center of the times from God and being missioned,

the relation between God and a man have been it between the lovers or married couple

in the period of the contract Testament.

It have become him close to God.


But those who do not know the Word of God conveyed by RAPT have lived

in the period of New Testament.


As RAPT living in Japan now and conveying it only in Japanese,

There are some people understood Japanese who have the faith of God by reading it.

People who do not understand Japanese can not read it now.


In other words, they who are Christian and do not know it

are demanded the relation between a parent and a child by God.

A child does not understand his parent well.

However, the lovers or married couples recognize each other well.


God desires a man read it to know his emotion and thinking well.

So he conveys plenty of his Word through RAPT.


God is not a fictional existence and not various images which the people have.

He exists as the soul and has firmly his emotion and thinking.

Knowing that, it is essential for us to accept it.


Otherwise, believing in God of whom each individual have image is

that you worship your illusory figure, an idolatry

and leads you to worship Satans having the emotions and thinking

which God does not has at all.


In order to be saved in this time

it is necessary for you to read it and know his emotion and thinking enough.


You should read it in order to save you and your precious persons.




RAPT ‘VOL.345, January 21,2019’, (accesed:January21,2019)